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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I think I annoyed many people in the library today. I was too sick and yet stubborn enough to stay in the library and study. Had a runny nose and I did sneeze occasionally. A person sat next to me had to go somewhere else because he couldn't concentrate. Poor fella. I am so sorry, but I had no choice. I have a physiology test tomorrow morning. *sigh*

Now, I am having a terrible headache. Had been sleeping all evening after taken in some paracetamol but I can't feel it kicking into my system. Do I need to see a doctor tomorrow? Naahhh....too lazy. I'll probably just go back and sleep all day after the test. Can't wait. Hehehehe....=)


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dedicated to all of my friends, no matter where you are.
Lying here alone in the dark, I can't stop thinking about my friends. New and old friends. I miss them. All of them. When you've been through a lot of things in life, or have been to a lot of places, you just can't help yourselves from meeting and making new friends along the way. It doesn't matter how many friends you make or how many you already have, but what's important is how well you maintain the fellowship.

Sometimes I think that I am such a bad type of a friend. You know the one who treat you super nice when you are with them and making you think the friendships will last forever. Suddenly, when you are apart, she/he stops contacting you. Leave you in wonder either that friendship was ever there at all. I am like that sometimes and yes I do feel guilty about it.

It's not that I've forgotten about my friends at all. No, that was never the case. Once a friend will always be a friend. That is what I believe. It's just that, sometimes I am just caught up with something else-consider my life as being hectic and busy as a medical student (is it??)- I just couldn't keep track with everyone. Am I making up excuses just to cover up my mistakes? Ahh... I think everyone will make up excuses to avoid being blamed for their mistakes. Anyway, I hope all my friends out there will understand this problem of mine. I still remember all of you, dearest friends. Do forgive me if I can't call you everyday, or send you text every morning. But keep in mind that I will always have all of you in my heart. I can't say thank you enough for all the help, each and every one of you have given me, guiding me through my life. Companion through happiness and despair. Thank you.

I just wish I can always leave good impression in all of my friend's hearts. But I know it's impossible. After all, I am just an ordinary human being....having lucky enough to meet a lot of sweet angels who wants to be my friends. ;)


It's already 1 am and I still can't get myself to sleep.. I kept thinking about something. It all begins with reading a blog entry of this one particular person. He broke up with his girlfriend few months ago. He tried to reconcile that wrecked relationship, but failed. At first, all his blog entry was about him being miserable and in despair and how he misses his ex girlfriend. A month later, his blog entry was all about acceptance of his ended relationship. And just recently, I visited his blog again. Yes, I am definitely a frequent visitor of his blog. I can't help it, he is a good writer =)) Anyway, lately all his post is about denying the fact that he ever was in love. It's not that he said he was never been in a relationship. It's just that he kept saying that he is tired of falling in love, he don't care anymore about starting a new relationship, he enjoys being single and more or less things like that. It's a good sign that he is moving on with his life after that awful break up. But the fact that he kept repeating those things in his blog entry; that just make me think that probably he is trying to deny his actual feeling and acceptance. He still can't accept that his relationship had ended that he had to repeat it over and over again in his blog entry-somehow trying to remind himself. Perhaps, this is only my notion. But probably it's the truth. I will never know. Perhaps I should ask him...tee hee...:)

What I am trying to say here is actually, I am probably in the same stage as him. Denial. I am trying hard to deny that I need someone in my life. Someone special that I can share my feelings with. Someone to fills up my day with joy. I am happy-but there is slight emptiness. I keep saying to myself, I don't need any man to make me happy. I am happy just being the way I am. Being in a relationship isn't necessarily will make me happy and stuff like that. Keep repeating that to myself makes me think, am I trying to deny my emotional need? Why do I have to say such thing if I am really happy being just the way I am? Do you ever need to remind yourself that you are happy if you really are?
Life is just too complicated no matter how simple I thought my life is. Now I am too sleepy. got to sleep, class is on tomorrow *yawn~*

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Monday, March 27, 2006

I have to go to the library to study today. And the day after that, and the day after that, day after that blah blah blah...or else, I'll be stuck here in front of my computer and no work could be done. Hahahhaa =))
So, I am off to the library now~ Posted by Picasa


Sunday, March 26, 2006

I will never eat at Tulsi again. Ever. Full stop. Unless someone wants to treat me dinner or something...hehhehe=)) However, Kashmir is still in my list. 1st class service and 1st class food. Worth every euro I spent. I am so angry with Tulsi today i don't know what else to say. Posted by Picasa


Does anyone recognize this place? It's Cliff of Moher, Co. Galway. Ring a bell? hehehe =))

Anyway, I've got a few friends from Dublin came over yesterday. They want to go to the cliff today. Unfortunately, I think the weather is not on their side. Yesterday,it was raining heavily and today, I can see some black clouds scattered around. Hopefully, I thought wrong and they will have lovely weather in the cliff. Please please please,make their 4 hours journey from Dublin worthwhile. But I guess, no one can predict the weather in Galway. Not even locals. hahaha ;p


Saturday, March 25, 2006

National University of Ireland,Galway. This is where I am currently studying. 2nd year of medicine-tough. I still can't believe that I would be one of 30 people that is chosen among 200 others to be awarded scholarship to study here. Tough luck eh!

Whatever it is, I feel so thankful to be here. This is the first foreign country I've ever been to. Hurmm...I can say that Ireland is not that bad-though I did complain some times-it's normal right? I just miss my home and I am in a foreign country that didn't at all look or resemble my home country. Oh how I miss KL(Kuala Lumpur for those who are not fimiliar with the other term) even how many times I got stuck in traffic-jams. Hehehehe =))

Oh yes, talking about my university, it's beautiful, really. Good place to study. At least i do feel better whenever I look at the Quadrangle(first structure build as university campus), eventhough there are a lot of exams and tests are waiting for me. Exams. hahahah! I have 3 more to go through for this month. When those are over, I'll have a month to prepare and then, final papers in May.

Wish me luck. I will need it.

Now, I'm off to the library~

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Friday, March 24, 2006

It's been a while since I post anything in here. Too many things had happened since that. I've been through a lot,a lot of tests and exams. hehehehe...=))

As usual, some of it are okay, some of it are crap. Typical. I wish I could set up the questions myself, as what lynn O'conner had told us to do in her tutorial recently. She said, "I want you to set up the final exam questions. If you were to set the paper, how are you going to do it? What are you going to ask?" .

What i would like to ask is, "What do you think of biochemistry lecture?". Then, what I can put as the answers are, boring, boring,boring...oh yeah, did i say it's boring? hahahaha!
The anatomy spot exam is another thing-it's crap. How could you set such a complicated questions to 2nd med students? It's true what my friends were saying. When we were answering the questions, we feel as if we never did any studying, let alone learn anything in class. It is that tough. Thank God I am not the only one who feels like killing myself after the spot test.

To think back how much of my time ,dare not I say, wasted in the lab, looking at the cadaver. indulge myself with the cadaveric aroma, and I can tell you people it's not pleasant. And how did the questions turn out ot be? I don't know how to answer them. Funny. I just want to roll on the floor and laugh.

Ahh~ but in the end I have to accept that, fate hold my destiny. I just have to accept, yes, and whine a little bit(hehhe) and continue with my life. And that doesn't mean that I am just giving up, but I believe something good will turn out at the end, and of course I will still work hard for the best!! Gammbatte kudasaii everyone!

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

We are moving out. The new house is just across the street of our current house. Would both of the landladies scream their lungs out at each other when they meet face to face? Haha! Fancy looking at both of them if that were to happen. But, i like Louise more, i.e. our current landlady. She is from Holland. She marries her Irish husband who was actually born in this very house we are staying now. She is a very kind woman. She even bought us a new refrigerator when we said the old one is too small....some landlady wouldn't be bothered. And what i remember most about Louise is, she helped me move out from the student hostel last year. She helped me with seven boxes of my junks from the hostel and drove me to this house. Save me €20 for taxi fare. I will always remember that. I will always remember all of her nice gestures that make me feel welcome. Always.
Anyway,this new landlady...hurmm....let me just say that i can't sense her warmth...at all. Hopefully, we can work out our charm and probably then she will be nice to us...besides, we have a driving force to stay,her son, Liam he is kind of cute...hahaha...let's just say that we are planning on staying in that house until we graduated..in year 2010...hehehe...InsyaAllah... Posted by Picasa


went out with najmi today, looking around shops in galway for a small bag for her new camera,canon ixus i,which arrived this afternoon. The seller (from e bay) was being ridiculous by giving her a big bag of twice the size of her camera. Hurmm..... it seems that having a digital camera is the 'in thing' nowadays....hahaha...come on girls,fill up those handbags with digital camera cos i think paris hilton does too! haha =))
anyway,we didn't find the thing we were looking for. End up dining out in Charcoal Grill (fancy having that name for a kebab diner). I should be saving my money for the trip to Germany this summer...ughh.. but i just can't resist the doner...don't blame me, my stomach was churning like crazy, screaming out wanting to be fed. Hehehe...besides, i don't have anything edible at home (a good excuse to dine out ;p ).
I took this picture in Charcoal, and some lads behind our table starts to get suspicious thinking i was taking their picture instead and one of them kept staring at me a few times...ughh please..! You guys are so not my type!!
It was snowing when we were having our meal...snow...a rare thing in galway..so lucky us i guess...or not? Darn this house is cold!! But we will move out soon to the smaller house cross the street....can't wait...everyone is so excited...hehe =p Posted by Picasa

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Friday, March 03, 2006

I want to include this in the previous entry but failed..haha! crap blogger me =)) anyway, these are some of the pictures i took with my camera. i am proud of these as well as my camera (how many time have i mention that?)...hahaha...anyone who is reading this at this point, either will think i am too much into myself and my stuff, or simply think i am a nutcase..

Anyway, i am a new blogger. probably will get sick of blogging in no time. Why am i doing this in the first place is just to satisfy my inner hunger to tell someone *ehem*ehem...anyone..what's in my mind, but indirectly...hihihi ;p Fancy way of doing it eh? That's what you have to do when you are not outspoken.

Enough for today, got to write some report about DNA. Posted by Picasa

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I've always wanted to take pictures...i can still remember the first time i ever hold a camera in my hands, it was my friends'. I was twelve. Both of my hands were trembling as i grab the camera. I was so terrified, yet eager to discover my ability to operate the tiny gadget that was resting silently in my hands. The first picture i took wasn't that good, it was a picture of my friend. It was, the purpose of me being given that camera so i can take a picture of her in the first place! hehe =) Anyway, i blame the technology for not having digital camera invented yet, or i'm pretty sure i could take a nice picture of her and save myself from being nagged,but probably a digital camera will cost us millions during those days,darn! =)

I own a camera now, first camera of my own. And i am proud of it. It is not as fancy as any National Geographic photographers' would have, but it can take pictures ya'll. Really beautiful pictures. And i am proud of it. hehe...enough about camera i think.