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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

blah blah

Yeah i m supposed to be oncall this evening..Well I AM oncall this evening. Having a bit of free time at the moment and my head is just bursting with ideas. Typical after coffee effect. Or in-the-shower-effect.

Was in Holland last week. First honeymoon. Met husband's gaming buddy in Rotterdam. Hospitality 5 stars, manners 5 stars, attitude 5 stars. Glad we went. Really. I promised my husband to mention it in the blog. So.

Currently I am obsessed with one name. I have been googling this particular name non stop since I've been sitting in front of this computer - about 14 minutes and 58 sec to be exact. Damn. Damn.

Seeing physio for my injured shoulder tomorrow. Hoping that they would say, "you cannot be oncall for the next 4 months!!".

I don't hate calls, but I hate the anxiety attached with it. My heart doing back flips every time the bleep come off, flipping hate the feeling!

Missing husband right now and he is not answering the phone - u better have a good excuse mister!!


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