b Purely Gibberish: August 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am all excited about going home. Finally, Eid in Malaysia after six years. To be honest I've forgotten how is it like to be celebrating Raya at home. There were few vague memories of waking up early in the morning and ironing everyone elses baju kurung/baju melayu. Taking a short -extremely cold- shower. And food. Loads of them food. Yum (as Liz would have said). Duit raya is the best part of them all. I remember being given RM 50 once by a distant uncle. RM 50 is A LOT for a poor secondary schoolgirl like me. Happy days. Happy happy days.

This raya would not be the same though. I'll be the one handling over the duit raya. Woooo T_T

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Semalam aku tgk Salt. james beriye lah ajak tgk. Fine. Nasib baiklah best citer tu. Cam laju je plot pastu penuh kejutan2. Tapi satu je yang aku nk gelak. Si orang jahat tu nk letupkan Mekah ngan nuclear weapon. Kate nk provoke muslims supaya benci US. Pastu in the end Puan Heroin berjaya mengalahkan orang jahat dan mengelakkan Mekah dari diletupkan (ok spoil la sape yg blom tgk citer ni). Tapii tu lah, anjelina joli selamatkan Mekah beb, tak bleh blahhhhh!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Can't believe the month of July is over. I've been an intern for a month!

Currently I'm in someone's room enjoying this high tech gadget called iMac, just finished watching August Rush by myself and crying buckets. The movie is not logical in any way and i hate jonathan rhys meyers but I cried anyway. Probably I'm missing home way too much. Better sort my holidays soon.

Watching Notting Hill. Wish William Thacker is not only a fictional character.