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Friday, March 30, 2007

Ahhhhhh.... What A Day!!

I slept at around 8 pm last night and at 5 am, I was up and about. I took a shower and had breakfast. Hangin' around for a while and checked my e-mail(s) before leaving the house at 715am and headed towards the hospital. Today, Dr. F and Dr. C weren't around and things were just different without them. Today, we had a temporary 'boss' i.e. Dr. N and if you can hear the tone of my voice announcing the title, you'll know I don't really like him. Usually what happened during a ward round is; after Dr. F or Dr. C had spoken with the patients, they will look relieved; I can say that they do look happy despite being sick and unwell. But after the ward round today, every patients look miserable. Today, a patient was told directly that he probably has a tumour. Today, an intern was scolded in front of a patient and in front of us i.e. the newbies. Today, a patient cried. What happened with good manners, privacy and respect we did learn in school? Off with the books?? Even I couldn't helped it but to feel miserable too! Well, thanks to the new 'boss' I suppose.

Later in the morning, we were told by the 'boss' to take history of a patient and then to present the case to him. During the presentation, Amira was just starting off with the presenting complaint when the 'boss' started interrupting and pointing out all sorts of inadequacies in her report. He went on with a lecture on how to take a good history and blahh blahh. At that moment, all that I can think about was : this man just love to hear his own voice. Hello, you haven't heard the rest of the report yet! And in the end, Amira couldn't finish up presenting the case and that was another hour down the drain.

Then, he gave us another patient to take a history from - and it was my turn to present the history and the same thing happened; but I did a mistake, I interrupted him and gave my point of view which was slightly against what he said. He actually made Amira went to the patient twice to get the patient to say "yes" to the most stupid question( I don't even want to tell you what it was) just to prove to me that he was right! OMG, I felt insulted by the look he gave me when Amira confirmed that the patient actually said yes. So, what? Are you happy now? I am still learning, HELLO!!

Okay, from today's incident I conclude that knowledge doesn't always come with smile and open arms ready to enlighten me. Sometimes knowledge come with gruesome and fierce face and it is I who have to smile and open my arms to be enlightened.

Today, I managed to draw some blood too! Not from a patient, but from Amira! She was willing to sacrifice her arm for me, I will not forget it for the rest of my life. Having Dr. S (the surgeon intern) and Amira herself calming me down as I started to panic when I saw blood coming out - well, that was the best experience ever. And after that, we all ate chicken which prepared by Dr. A's wife!!

And later, I found out that the result for pharmacology was up in the department- finally, the truth that was holding me back from making any holiday plan was up in front of my eyes and I didn't know how to react. I wasn't proud (at all) with what I got but the main important thing is, I don't have to repeat the paper. Phewwww....what a relief! I slept the afternoon through and it did help me to cheer up a bit - I was feeling a bit down, probably due to the result. Later in the evening I was up smiling and I cleaned the toilets sparkling white!!

Elenor (the landlady) came to renew the agreement and we will have this house for another year! Yeay!

I can hear my heart singing now..fell in LOVE instantly with this song by KT Tunstall. Yerp, Suddenly I See. Enjoy! :)

Happy weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ohhhh Dr. C!!

The ward round this morning was all about attitude and knowing who's the boss. Watching Dr. F nonchalantly giving orders to his colleagues; I was thinking,"Wow, this man is not a person you want to mess up with". According to a few final meds yesterday, he is very good and really knows his stuff. These 'very good' and 'really knows his stuff' part came with a package unfortunately, it's called 'attitude'. Hello Mr. 'Don't Bleep Me Twice'! Ohh well, he is kind of tough sometimes, but I really like the way he gave Amira and I our own 'private' tutorial this afternoon. The final meds are really going to kill us this time. Yesterday, we were after the same doctor, i.e. Dr. F to give us urology tutorial. Dr. F brushed them off, because he wanted to give us the tutorial - he said that he will give them a tutorial the next day i.e. today. And apparently, today he brushed them off again to next week's tutorial and claimed that he's super busy. But when Amira and I went to see him after that, he immediately agreed to spare us some time to listen to our history taking. Hmmm...I wonder if.... :) Hopefully those final meds will eventually get their tutorial as promised.

Anyway, we were in the theater today with Dr. C! He is SO CUTE! I am so in love with his puppy eyes. I still can remember that look on his face when he was being scolded by that 'granny' nurse for leaving his white coat by the window. She obviously been nasty to everyone. Hello Madam 'Not More Than Three Students In The Theater Next Time'! OMG that was annoying! Okay, our fault for not sorting things out among us. But I think she shouldn't be so nasty with Dr. C. One time during the cystoscopy, she was saying something and Dr. C replied. To my horror she said, " I wasn't talking with you, I was talking with the nurse" plus she was making faces with the doctor! OMG! Whatever!!

Okay, overall I'd say I've enjoyed these two days so far. Lots of drama, lots of action in you know what department. Hahaha. Remember folks, take care of your bladder and kidneys and hopefully you don't have to see us. Or shall I say; take care of your bladder and kidneys so that we don't have to see yours-know-what. :p

p/s: I randomly wrote poems like the one in the previous entries, nobody has to feel attach to it in any way, okay!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

If You Knew.

If you only knew,
I’ve learned a lot from you.
I’ve learned to smile;
I’ve learned to laugh,
I’ve learned to love;
I’ve learned to miss you.
I’ve learned to feel hatred and anger.
And I was angry with myself,
And I once hated you.

Say, I did learn a lot.
I do.
I learnt to forget.
I learnt to forget you.

Alas, thank you.

Alas, thank you.


Today, I've witnessed my first ever non-invasive surgery-took place in theatre No. 5. Too bad that I am now attach to the urology team or else I'd be watching cranial surgery or cardiac resuscitation instead of cystoscopy and 'JJ stent' replacement procedure, but I'd say I am all too excited to notice! Hehe. Besides, there is always first time for everything, isn't it?

Ward round is on 730am tomorrow, believe me. And after that, yeahhh we are in for more surgery tomorrow! Bring all the catheters in fellas!!

p/s: I like Dr. F though he said to us, "never bleep me twice" with ohh that so authoritative voice and I whispered to Chin Chuan, "he is so stuck up". I like him , I do!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

people bled, people kill for it
people cried, mourn for it
people suffer, and yet still wanting it
living each day looking for it
dying for it

a glance of morning sun
a drop of sweet dew
strike of rainbow
beautiful flowers
meaningless without it

shining stars, blooming moon
they had been the witnesses
and watched it all
how people loved and loved
and bled, kill, died, cried, mourn, suffer
and still chasing after

what is it about love?


I watched Supernatural (E17) just now and found myself deeply hurt. My dear Sammy finally fell in love but had to kill the girl because she's a warewolf. :((

Sammy was crying his heart out, I couldn't help but to shed some tears too...


Friday, March 23, 2007

For the Love of Traveling!

This, is part of my bedroom wall - covered with postcards I've collected throughout my journey so far. I miss traveling so much. This whole clinical year thingy is taking too much of my time (okay, a little bit exaggerated), sometimes I forgot what it was like to be halfway across the world, climbing mountains or even just walking to Salthill like I used to. I'd do anything to have that moment when I can pack my bag and flying out of Galway for an adventure.

But then again, Dr. Adrian and Dr. O'Brien look eager to have us walking around the wards in the next two months. Well, perhaps adventure can wait. Besides, who said hospital couldn't provide a bit of fun? Shame on you! Surely it could!!


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Love!! <3

I always feel rejuvenated whenever I found out that my friends whom had always been single throughout their lives -- finally fell in love. It's like knowing the plant that I nurture finally bearing some fruits (?). Haha. Just kidding :p Indeed I am truly happy for them, for their long waits for Mr Right proven worthwhile -- without having to go through Mr. Right Now :) I think patience is the key; to go through the loneliest days and sleep through the lonesome nights hoping that there is someone out there really meant for you - and he is feeling the same way too.

For my dear friend Sue, I wish you happiness for years to come! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Okay, It IS Over My Limit.

To have a hobby is one thing, to be obsessed with it is another. Well, unless it is beneficial and can shape you to become a better person; a hobby should stay as one.

The weather has been "great" today - that quotation mark should explain what great really means shouldn't it?. Nevertheless Najmi, Intan and I went out to have dinner at Charcoal Grill. Oh my, it's been a while since I ate there. Burppp...and it's been a while since I am feeling THIS full. My tummy is over distended with a plate of lamb shish plus a cup of tea and 500mL of fresh milk - if I didn't know better, I am sure that my stomach could burst like a balloon. Euww....that'll be so gross!

I am desperate to use the word ironic in this entry but I don't know what's so ironic about my life. Is it the way my life always turn upside down and never fails to prove that my initial view on some issues are always wrong? Take this for an example; I thought I will never have boys as friends..now I have boys as close friends whom I share secrets and gossips with! Not ironic enough? How about this; whenever i thought I hate someone, she'll/he'll end up being my best friends. Not that ironic? Okay, my life is NOT dramatic enough to satisfy everyone's definition of ironic.

It's ironic for me, but I really miss someone to remind me to cleanse my soul...

p/s: found this beautiful love song , which I cried at the very end...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Need My Afternoon Nap!!
Oh, I thought the world of you
I thought nothing could go wrong
But I was wrong
I was wrong
If you, if you could get by
Trying not to lie
Things wouldnt be so confused
And I wouldnt feel so used
But you always really knew
I just wanna be with you

And Im in so deep
You know Im such a fool for you
You got me wrapped around your finger
Do you have to let it linger
Do you have to. do you have to
Do you have to let it linger

Back then when I was in school, I used to have the longest afternoon nap everyday as soon as I arrived home from school. Right after Zuhur prayer until it was almost Maghrib I would be asleep like there will be no tomorrow - I miss that! Mom used to say to our next door neighbour, " My daughter is like an owl; sleeping all day, wide awake all night! Teehee..I was like that, that's how I functioned properly. Anyway, the late late night shows were always way better and worth watching than the stupid telenovelas in the afternoon. Compare 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' with ' La Mujer en el Espejo'. I'd rather choose 'Whose Line is It Anyway' like a million times.

Okay, I admit that I used to be a telenovela addict. The first series I've ever watched was ' Maria Mercedes'. Thalia was just stunning and I love the silly 'I'm in love' look on her face. Then there were 'Rosalinda', but I really don't fancy the actor.
'La Usurpadora'....aarrr I like!!
'Mis Tres Hermanas', these Estrada sisters are adorable aren't they?

'Yo soy Betty La Fea'...ironic ugly betty with hawt Mr. Armando..... Now I think I fell in love with him all over again..drool.. Teeheehee

And then, all the actors after Armando was hopelessly NOT as good looking... :p So, my interest in telenovelas starting to decline and I stopped watching. I have to resort to afternoon napping instead. Well, it was really so much fun. Haha. *sarcasm* No, seriously, I enjoyed it waaayyy too much.

Nowadays, I barely have any good sleep. There are always stuff to do and things to manage. I miss my afternoon nap. Sigh~ ok, need to start working on the group presentation. We have a rehearsal tomorrow. But before I leave, let me show you one of my group memba i.e. Mr. Eamonn Thomas Fahy whom music influence includes Michael Jackson and most hip hop reppa(s)! Really nice chap.

okay, Chiow!

Monday, March 12, 2007

I feel like singing right now - the song 'Tonight' by Reamonn really suits this happy mood I'm in; I am supposed to be sleeping right now, oh dear..but I just couldn't. Too much anxiety and adrenaline shots. I played basketball today and managed to shoot some hoops! Yeay!! I AM definitely enjoying that moment~ after all I was convinced that I am a bad shooter. Well, turn out that I wasn't really that hopeless. =)

After the game we went to Sarinah's place for dinner, which was delicious but I couldn't eat much-like I used to. I think my ability to eat more than a plate of food in one 'eating session' is diminishing since I seldom hangin' out at Idah's place. Ohh...I miss Rina's home made scones and the cuisines served by them during dinner time.

I am in love! With this beautiful journey of life Allah had written for me and all the people He had destined for me to meet.

I just love my friends!! :)

p/s: thanks for dinner Sarinah!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

OMG my best friend is pregnant!!!!!!!!! She is due on August, now I am contemplating whether to fly back home or not. OMG and we are both 22...I feel so old...but still, it feels like school just ended yesterday.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hello World!

I miss writing my mumbo jumbo here! It's been a week and I hardly write anything! Super busy. A week as trainee doctor (as Dr.Ger had put it)- one thing for sure, everyone look smart and presentable. The girls, well it's actually not really a big surprise to see us dressing up because girls do look smart anytime (no bias here :) ); but the guys in the class really got everyones' head turning..no more slagging jeans and crappy t-shirt, they do look different! Haha!

We are learning about new things, doing new stuff. Palpation, percussion, auscultations, familiarizing ourselves with the new terms and diseases, associating symptoms and signs...yerp we have to memorize a lot of stuff- and there are more things to come, yeay!

Dr. Ger said, "Learning should be fun and we ought to enjoy these four weeks of Core Clinical Skills subject. Indeed, I am- minus the hours spent grimacing in front of the Clinical Examination books, everything is ay-owkay! ;)

p/s: I am so hooked-up with the Supernatural series and I am so in love with Dean Winchester! Bleaghhhhh....I do still have time for tv haven't I? :p