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Friday, December 16, 2011

Spending four hours in Emergency Department as a patient makes me realize few things..

One: I often neglect my own health..knowing the natural history of an illness doesn't always make it predictable.
Two: I don't express my love often enough to the people who truly matters..if I didn't make it..
Three: The last time I was in ED with asthma was about 10 years back; never knew I would have to revisit the feeling of dying and choking on my own breath.
Four: My dear SPR who wheeled me down to ED even though I insisted on walking; I always thought she didn't like me for some reason. I was wrong in every way. Thanks Sarah.
Five: I hate having IV line and getting infusion. Ha!

I had a quick glimpse at her page yesterday. Looking at that woman who is smiling, celebrating her birthday with good friends. So happy. Content. Then I saw it; those tired eyes..wonder if she had sleepless nights since that day.

I can't help it but to feel guilty.


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