b Purely Gibberish: September 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006

And the verdict is.......

It's Krakow, Poland~~!!!! Derek will figure out the details about flight tickets, accomodation, etc. etc.Guess how much we have to pay for the tickets? It's 27 Euro for return tickets incl. tax! And 8 Euro per night for the hostel. Alhamdulilah. Hope this trip will not rip me off...

Anyway, as I was browsing the internet just now, I stumble across a random blog. One of the entry featuring 5 hottest men on her list. Well, what I want to share with you guys, is not the hottest men listed in my head, but rather men I once; or still drooling each time I saw them on TV. Haha! Thank God I don't have tv here in Galway...or else, the TV will be wet with my saliva- only if these men were on!

My-ol-time-greatest-ever crush would be.....Mr. Jo err...Late Jonathan Brandis. He committed suicide on 12th Nov 2003 due to depression. WHY???? OHH WHY?????!!! He acted in few television series of which probably you guys too watched years ago e.g. SeaQuest, The Neverending Story, L.A. Law, etc. etc. Remember?

Next!!! Next on the list is Mr John Cusack. Did you watch him in the movie 'Serendipity'? I cried at the end; you know the part at the ice-skating ring when Jonathan finally met Sarah? That was an awfully touching scene. For me, the thing about Cusack is his eyes; and he knows very well how to use 'em. His gaze make my heart melt. Just look at this photo...he's definitely got what people said as 'killer eyes'. Killin' me softly...with his eyes. Err..that doesn't sounds right. :p

Now, for the very person who made me study German language(which i am so not good at) is none other than Mr Nick Heidfeld. I am head over heels about this guy since I was 16-and still can't get over him. He is currently on the top of my list..ehehe.. If you are into Formula One or just even Formula One DRIVERS, you would probably know him. He is currrently driving for team BMW Sauber. Just look at this photo. Kawaii ne~!

Hahhaha...now I am feeling rather childish and girlish sharing this fantasy list with everyone..I feel like I'm 15; Gossiping like this in school with all my girlfriends(of course I only have girl-friends, I went to girl school. Plus boys don't gossip about male idols or do they?) - school is so centuries ago! Haha! OMG, I am 21 this year! How time fly by....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

When is the Last time I Laugh?

Well, to be exact, I laughed approximately 40 minutes ago. I love-having fun, making fun of other people, fun-ny people, laughing; FUN is my middle name. I am a fun LoneR. LoL.

Anyway, today Derek i.e. the 3rd Med class representative suggested that the whole class to choose either:
(a) go to Aran Island, Co. Galway
(b) go to Belfast, Northern Island
(c) go to Barcelona
(d) go to Stockholm
for this year's class trip.

Class trip is fun weekend getaway for the whole class and usually we went somewhere around Ireland. In 2004, we went to Doolin, Co. Galway.

pictures from Doolin trip

Last year we went to Killarney, somewhere in Co. Limerick.

pictures from Killarney trip

When today Derek suggested some outside-Ireland site, it was such a relief. Finally!! This is for real though I still couldn't believe it! I chose Stockholm. I don't know why actually. Stockholm sounds classy somehow. Most of the students were voting Stockholm too. Yeay~....but, it turn out that if we eventually go to Stockholm, the flight back is only available a week later. That means we will miss a whole week of lectures and classes. I don't mind that-but that would be irresponsible, right? So, Stockholm is cancelled. (-_____-) sad...

Then, the choice was broaden somewhat. The people who chose Stockholm have to vote either:
(a) Milan
(b) Barcelona
(c) either one of 2 cities located in Poland (I can't remember their names)

I chose one of the city in Poland. Fingers crossed. I hope we'll fly out somewhere for this years' class trip. Whooshhhhhhh!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Weather report.

Bad thunderstorm in Galway tonight. I wish all classes will be cancelled tomorrow. Haha...FAT chance! Galway is always been associated with bad weather, rough wind and rain. Nothing unusual about tonight..*sigh*

*Yawn*.....Zzz..arghhh...cannot sleep right now. I have to wait for my laundry in the washing machine. Darn!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Issues + problems = headache

Upon writing this, I've been-a few times, wrote an entry for today and deliberately deleting them-feeling 'off'ish and not right about every single one of them. There are too much issues processing happening in my central nervous system right now- of which I wish I could delete some- so that I would not be feeling the way I am now. Messy. I'm messy.

1st Issue:
When you can't do anything else but to think back about some particular scene that had happened to you with certain someone, are you in a process of developing some feelings towards that person? Unwanted feelings that should not be there in the firstplace because that person is "IN A RELATIONSHIP". Then, should I just ignore that so called 'feelings' because it would not mean anything at the end? The ignoring part is not as easy as I thought as this issue kept hunting me every single minute of the day. End of 1st issue.

2nd Issue:
Have you ever been in a situation when you are unconciously and slowly being shoved out of a conversation and when you realized about it, it's too late, you are completely alone and the other person is happily chating with some third party, ignoring you plus you don't even know what they are talking about? Well I did, a few times get caught in that kind of situation. Well, you can blame my PMS for being too sensitive but I can't just pretend to be happy all the time can I? End of 2nd issue.

3rd Issue:
I am feeling guilty for being such a hypocrite towards someone. Plus, I believe that I live in an anti-'hypocrite'sme scheme. This issue can be very unhealthy for my psychological development and I could end up hating myself for life. But to change my attitude or even saying that 'I am sorry' is not as easy as I thought it would especially when that someone hasn't change his/her attitude that made me a hypocrite towards him/her in the first place. End of 3rd issue.

4th Issue:
Though I can be a very sensitive person, I am only aware about certain issue when it has something to do with me or it would affect me, one way or another. Me with capital M and E. When certain issue befall upon someone- and it is a very big issue for him/her- I, putting capital ME in the head, would most probably not even realize that he/she is struggling to face that issue. If you need any help, just tell me....if you think I can help that is, or else don't bother. Warning: You might regret it - seeking help from me, as I could add up to the existing burden on your shoulder. Don't say I didn't warn you. End of 4th issue.

Note: above photo is Adam's or Esther's (i'm not sure which) from the Kinabalu peak. Nice eh!

Monday, September 11, 2006


Last night I had the most wonderful dream in the world. I even woke up smiling. It was the best feeling ever-since the day I arrived in Galway last week. The only bad thing about the dream is, I couldn't remember what was it about. How could I?? Ughhh...just feeling tired and out of this world nowadays. I need LOADS of cortisol...*sigh*

Note(11:40pm): Just finished group discussion over pharmacology, diuretics and all that jazz....now need to ZZzzzz....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Loner. Loser?

Counting down the days when I would be back home again... Spending a few days here in Galway made me realize a lot of other things i have back home. Crazy and loving friends, warm weather, great food, and above all things my devoted-the best in the whole wide world-loving-caring family!

I wonder what my mother are doing now. Probably lecturing my younger brother about his addiction to PlayStation. Ughhh...boys..they never listen! My dad is most probably at work, he is a tailor. As Eid is just around the corner, so he would be very busy nowadays, trying to fulfill everyone's demand to have a custom made-out of this world-Baju Raya...

And for my younger sister...well, she must be very preoccupied with classess...hahaha...now you'll know what I've gone through! Class, exams, labs, dead people, sick people, assignment, etc.

I can't wait for my graduation day...I've attended one in Malaya University last month...so jealous of these people..

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

back in Ireland.
Back in Ireland yesterday. Nothing messy or unwanted happened throughout the journey, Alhamdulillah. A class is scheduled to be held on 9 am this morning. No one attended including the lecturer-probably everyone is still in holiday mood. Try to self register as 3rd med student but the server is down. Great.