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Monday, March 31, 2008


After all these while...(2 months and 21 days), I thought I can say your name out loud - senselessly like I've never heard of it before. I had failed. Shame on me. Why am I still crying over these? Our friendship was overly underrated - by me; whilst you on the other hand had tried you best to persuade me to stay.

You should know better - I am as stubborn as an ox.

Sigh...I hope I am stubborn enough to JUST LET YOU GO.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

In The News

"Sixties pop star Peter MacBeth, a member of The Foundations who had a hit with Build Me Up Buttercup, has been jailed for child sex offences.

MacBeth sexually assaulted a young girl on four occasions over the course of six years and downloaded child porn from the internet, a court heard."

From: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/wales/7297495.stm

How am I going to listen to "Build Me Up Buttercup" after this and try NOT to think about this?

Anyway, I was chatting with mom on the phone this morning - rather, she was the one who did all the talking. Listening close, I think mom is hiding something. THIS is exactly how she'll behave when she has a problem. All rattle up about everything and everyone. But I can feel something was lacking. Her voice; her tone; something.

Ohh well, I might be a paranoid freak for all that matters. I hope she'll sort things up eventually.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Headache- For all The Wrong Reason.

Okay, I've changed my mind..though D80 is soooooo pro-sumer (this is the level between amateur and professional photographers) ; D60 is somewhat similar in features and more affordable money-wise. When will I get one? WHEN I AM RICH!! HAhahahaha!

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Do I have to go back home this year Mom?

Farah, the last oral exam is just around the corner. Give yourself some extra mental exercise. Come on brain, FOCUS! *_*

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Clicking Ankle

Yes, my right ankle clicks! How cool is that? NOT cool at all. I twisted it during the futsal (mini football) match on Sunday and I've been limping ever since. Plus, I've had both knees bruised and torn my pants in the process. Actually the whole thing sound more absurd when I have them written down. Haha. No worries, I am surviving. Having had too many injuries I am inclined to say that the word 'accident-prone' really suits me well. I am almost definitely will fall over and hurt myself in any types of outdoor games(this actually adds up to the macho factor); I have higher tendency to bump up against things, get my sleeves caught up in door knobs - Yes, door knobs; misdirect my foot - end up kicking tables and chairs. But I assure you, I still manage to look cool 99.99% of the time.

I've shed 5 kilos without any effort. I still EAT - mind you. Actually I ate more than usual. So, it is best to say that actually exams and stresses can help you to stay in shape. Hah, but I would not recommend it to anyone if I can help it. I'd rather be 'fat and happy' than being 'slim and stressed'. Am I? But being fat could be stressful too isn't it?

Daffodils are out again - maybe one of these days I will ask Amira out to take photos.

Ohh, before I forget "Happy 2nd birthday my dear blog"~ I still can't believe it had been TWO years since I started writing. Spent some time reading my older posts - and laugh at myself - 100% of the time.

I still can't get how people would actually forward mails and whatnot - just because it says "you will die in 60 seconds if you do not forward this mail" or "the name of the person that love you will appear if you forward this mail" or the classic one "you will get 50 thousand dollars just by forwarding this mail-believe it, it had happened to me!". Come on people, money don't grow on trees and people will NOT give money around for nothing; your life and death is already written in the Luh Mahfuz and no e-mails will ever change it. Stop forwarding mails and fill up my inbox with junks. Seriously people, it annoys me.


this vid : LOL

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Trip Around the World.

I am off to Finland in 19 days!~ How cool is that? I don't know 'bout ye but I've been wanting to go there ever since I found out about Kimi Raikkonnen. Hahaha! And the reason that I want to go to Germany(and have been there 3 times now) when I was 16 is because I am a big fan of Michael Schumacher and Nick Heidfeld! So unimaginative - I KNOW~! I better not fancy anyone from...err.. heh, nevermind.

Anyway, I am not about complaining after the exams so far. Honestly, I am not doing VERY well but you could never penalized the system for their INABLILITIES (??) to ONLY include questions on the topics you've read about. It's about fairness isn't it?
So, stop whining and study harder! (reminder to oneself)

Off topic: I used to fancy Prince William (yeah, him being A gorgeous PRINCE and always outshine his 'lil brother) but lately I began to admire Prince Harry even more..just because.
Oh, does that means - my next destinations to visit should include Buckingham Palace? Hehehehe..People kept giving me the same "utter-shocked" look whenever I said I haven't been to London. I know London is just an hour away by plane. It's not that I didn't want to go, it's just...just...just because.

Hope everyone will have a great March =)

If only I could get my hands on that D80..


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