b Purely Gibberish: January 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am SUPER DUPER ANNOYED with my insufficiency and lag-ness in EVERYTHING.

I'm irritable



DON'T talk to ME

DON'T (for whatever reason) ask me to attend that FAMILY DAY event on Saturday.

I have personal right to be ANTI-SOCIAL.

BLEAGHHHHH to you to!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keeping My Feelings Hidden

I suppose the best thing I could do right now is just to hide my feelings away. I'll tuck them under the bed this time(??). I'll make sure that no one could see how I really feel.

About you.

About him.

About us.

About them.

I desperately need some stimulating conversations. Most of the time you could provide me with none.

Oh well..I'll sit here and just be a meticulous observer. Humour me, please.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Waktu sakit camni...memang adik paling teringat kat mama. Dah lama adik tak telefon mama...kalau mengadu sakit kat mama nanti adik nangis. Kalau adik nangis, nanti mama risau lagi. Mama batuk pun belum baik betul...kalau mama tambah risau nanti batuk makin teruk..

Tapi mama...adik rindu sangat. Hari tu mase kat malaysia kan adik selalu buat mama sakit hati. Keluar dengan kawan aje hari-hari. Tolong mama kat rumah pun nak berkira. Tolong picit-picit kaki mama kejap pun dah mengadu penat.

Masa adik demam hari tu adik nangis kat mama..mintak tolong itu ini..mama tak berkira pun.

Adik mintak maaf kalau adik sakitkan hati mama selalu. Adik pun tak tahu kenapa kadang-kadang adik suka melawan cakap mama..

Mama..nak mama suap makan macam hari tu, nak mama urutkan kaki adik sakit... Mama..adik nak balik jumpa mama..adik janji tak merajuk dengan mama lagi. =(

Friday, January 02, 2009

Yoga - Banned For Muslim

I have to admit that I love doing yoga...and you can bet your bottom dollar that I was deeply strucked by the fact that I cannot do it anymore. Yes, I was being rebellious about the decision until today when I read the e-mail sent by Liyana and she put the link to this video;

Something hit me from the inside...and started to make me feel bad about myself.

In the other part of the world, my brothers and sisters are struggling to survive. Assaulted and oppressed by the enemies - day in and day out - but I could not care much about it, only to give my condolences and get on with my busy life.
Here I am, fighting and sulking over the decision to ban yoga when it had been discussed by all the Islamic scholar and was made only to protect us and our religion.
Do I love this world more than I love my own religion?
Am I going to stay here forever?
...di dalam kesibukan dunia, aku kadang-kadang lupa...sebab utama aku hidup di dalam dunia..
....jika aku mati hari ini..cukupkah bekalan yang aku bawa untuk menghadapi hari Perhitungan?
sahabat, teruslah berikan peringatan supaya aku tidak hanyut dalam kekalutan.


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

If I were to have my laptop with me when I'm taking my shower, I'd have very very long entry each time. Fortunately, I didn't..though I am not sure the fortune lies with the writer OR the reader. I noticed that my thought would be racing each time I stood underneath those warm water that fall like rain - my favourite spot in the house.

Anyway, heyyhoo it's the new year - again. As usual, I was at home (Kak Adib's this time around - to be precise) during new year's eve and did nothing in particular to acknowledge that I have to yet again change the calendar in my room.

Few important lessons learnt throughout last year:
One, I actually love cranberry juice more than I like apple or orange juices. (penting ke? wehehe)
Two, it's a TERRIBLE mistake to fall for my best friend, my former classmate or anyone at all for that matter. Love is not meant for me - just yet. So, I've decided to just wait, see and pray for the best. (pasrah?) =p
Three, treat others equally as you want to be treated - even when you're a doctor, engineer or whatever. Don't judge a book by its cover or judge a person by the figures in their bank account.
Four, I can eat SPICY food if I try. There is no such thing as 'tak tahan pedas' for me anymore though there's possibilities I might turn bright red. Come on, bring in the chilis everyone!
Five, I would give the crappiest advices ever..so never ask for my opinion unless you've had one that you would stick to and only ask me for one because you want me to feel included.

Lastly, I am not a good writer, listener and never was an obedient student. There's a chance that I might forget all those lesson learnt and histories are bound to be repeated.

Once bitten twice shy...unfortunately I have the thickest skin. I won't budge with just a bite..maybe you need to chew and spit me out. Haha..