b Purely Gibberish: June 2007

Friday, June 29, 2007

Kitchen Business!

We're making dinner this evening (Ain, Shak and I) when we started singing songs - well, actually we always do that, one will start to sing and the rest of us will join in, singing along wholeheartedly..heh, I do enjoy having a company that loves singing =) ...anyway, this evening we sang this particular song - which dated years ago - when primary school uniform was my 'favourite' weekdays attire and listening to 'Rickdee's weekly Top 40' is a must thing to do on weekends. I had forgotten all about the song - until this evening. It was Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind. I scrambled the internet looking for the song just now; found it hosted in someone's multiply site, download it, and here I am listening to it over and over again. I can't help it. I found my temporary fountain of youth. It feels like I'm 12 again. I love retro hits and I'd love to dance. Heh.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

To My Dearest Friend.

Years ago we've promised to be together
through sunshine, clouds and rain
You've promised to lend me your shoulder
whenever I need to shed these tears of pain

I was so happy you see
I thought this is the way we'll always be
my heart was jumping with glee
everytime I'm thinking about 'you and me'

we talked about everything under the sun
your favourite cookies, my favourite buns
You and I; we always have fun
yeah we have fun talking all right- from dusk 'till dawn!
You're my lovely darlin', I'm your sweet hun

We're in it together-this friendship game
going through obstacles, hardship and pain
in the final battle we're defeated-oh so lame!
we started to drift apart-we've forgot about each other every now and then

As time went by and the seasons pass
I grew up and soon I realize
how childish and immature I was
Holding on to something that will never last
'you and me' now became a dream in the past

Now here I am - on my own
you have someone else- that's where you belong
let me for the last time reminisce our memory - alone
soon I'd say good bye to it- to 'you and me' I'd say so long.


Monday, June 25, 2007


Imagine yourself facing a big slug, so huge that it even has hands and feet and it could walk! - if it really wants to. But like all the slug in the world it had been lazy and slow and sluggish all the time. All it does all day was eat breakfast, and goes back in the comfortable spot in it's house, all comfy,warm and tucked in, read the newspaper(well, it can read too-of course!) or anything its lazy hands could reach from the comfortable spot....and most of the time dozed off. Now, the slug is getting fatter and fatter but it just don't care for it feels really lazy to do anything about it.

Well, that's how I'd describe myself if you'd ask me. I've done nothing good in particular, it even took me two whole weeks to finish Dan Brown's famous 'Da Vinci Code', and a couple of days to finish J.K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'!!

Terrible isn't it?

Friday, June 22, 2007


There are thousands of things I want to argue with my friend today. He showed me some photos from the internet- really awesome photos, the ones that wrote the history; changing the societies, carving their way to fame, freezing the moment on film, genuinely captured the emotions, touching one's heart and mind. Somehow I could say nothing to him. Nada.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Crossing Roads.

I just realized today that I really hate crossing roads. Was on my way (alone) to Dunnes Store to get some stuff; and the fact just hit me on the head. "I HATE CROSSING THE ROADS". Doesn't matter if it's big or small, I just don't like it. Makes my heart beat so fast and my palm sweating. Though I act so tough; God knows I'm trembling inside. I genuinely hate it.

Anything could happen while you're crossing the road. Constant images that kept playing in my head were;
1) a person crossing a road, tripped, fell and hit by a car.
2) a person crossing a road, dropped something, picked it up and hit by a car.
3) a person crossing a road, hit by drunken driver.
...actually there are more obscene images which I don't think should be shared with anyone here.

Well, to think it metaphorically, crossing a road is like going through life itself. Crossing to the other side is like moving-on to the next chapter, embracing new changes in life. There are 1001 things that could go wrong while you're crossing, but the other side of the road look tempting enough that it outweigh the risks. Most of the time, you're just really have to get to the other side; i.e. you just need to change yourself. Fullstop.

I hate changes and scared of it. Well, having someone to hold my hand while I am at it wouldn't be a bad idea would it? ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back In Action.

Yes, I am back in the hospital-starting today. Yeay. And guess who I met today? First, it was Dr. Matthew in A&E- and he still recognizes me!! Yippie!! (sorry Amira, Dr. Andrew wasn't around so I couldn't say "hi" to him on your behalf). I was watching Dr. Cyrus suture one massive laceration later in the morning; and I couldn't help it but to put some sheepish grin on my face every now and then reminiscing the moment when I did my first suture; with Dr. Matthew. Plus, the suturing today took place in the same cubicle where I met Mr. Joseph Mc Namara(the guy who said my eyes look like the opel stones)..I wonder how's he doing now.

When I was going up to the theater this afternoon, I met my secret (obviously not a secret anymore) crush when I did my Urology attachment two months ago. Yerp, Dr. M Floyd himself. I nodded and said hi..and miraculously he didn't only says hi back, he was asking me "how are you?" and he smiled!!!!! I am definitely sure I was in cloud 9..teehee.. Dr. M Floyd is definitely in a very very good mood today, plus he look so handsome without those ugly whitecoat on! I am in LOVE-for sure!*grin*

You must be wondering why on earth I would be so happy just because some random doctor smiles and says hi to me. Well first, he isn't just some random doctor; he is THE Mr. Darcy in real world. Arrogant, full of pride, mysterious, random...well, read Pride and Prejudice then you'll know what I mean. Second, usually Dr. M Floyd rarely acknowledge anyone unimportant, e.g. students - or should I say very very rarely- it's hard to have him even just smiles at you, let alone says hi. Heh. I told you, he is Mr. Darcy for real!

Anyway, I enjoyed much of my time in the hospital today and the opportunity of meeting really awesome doctors making me itch for more adventure. Will be back in the hospital-definitely. Not that I have anything else to do! Okay folks, later!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

If You're Single I'd Ask You Out.

Really. I will. Pronto. Without hesitance. But apparently you're taken. In a relationship. Happy. With a girl by your side. Happy.

Unfortunate enough for me, eh? Nahhhhh....I'd just consider that we are not/never meant for each other. Makes me sleep better at night.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And It Was Time to Say Goodbye.

Bournemouth was a great escapade; a vacation I needed to clear up my mind. Adam was such a gentleman and a great friend, drove us around when he got better things to do. I'd say, I miss him already. But I miss the beach, a little bit more. :)

Spending time with his family made me realize how much I miss my own. His family was so nice, I personally love his dad- he's so funny! Sighh...no matter how boring my home could be, no matter how solemn everything is over there (at the other side of the continent), home is where the heart is...apparently; and Adam said, "family is overrated"!

Muummmyyyyyyyyyy I need a hug!!! =(

Currently I am succumbing to temptation-'sleep'. The weather has been so dull lately, all I can think about is to have a very very very long nap...wake me up when September comes.

Off topic discussion-When I know I did the right thing, though it hurts oh so dearly, wrapping myself with pain, my poor heart feels like dying, I should stick to it because it is the right thing, right?

I am getting worn out, struggling, resurfaced and drawn back in this ongoing battle. In times like this I really need a shoulder to cry on...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This And That.

Finished my essay on the 30th with 1620 words jumbled up; emailed and handed up the hard copy as well-hoping that Prof. Cormican wouldn't bother with all the grammatical and dramatical errors which can be found conveniently all over the essay. Well, enough with that. No more tuberculosis for a while.

inside Dublin mosque

Went to Dublin from the 31st of May till 5th of June. Deen Intensive Dublin is what the program is called- and is exactly what it's all about. Intensively teaching me about Islam; the deen. I've learnt so many things and has rejuvenate my soul alongside it. Having to to think that I will miss the rest of the program which will be on until the 12th of June; I wept.

view on our way to Rico's (fast food restaurant)

Tomorrow I am leaving for Bournemouth. Expect no update from me for a while. Adam has been e-mailing me for the last couple of days telling me some stuff about Bournemouth; we are staying at his place for a night; and he is off-work on Friday just to take us around the town. He is such a great friend! What more could I asked. Life is beautiful.

Happy Holidays Everyone.

To all my friends who are currently in / going back to Malaysia; "have a nice summer-break, enjoy the monsoon! I will enjoy this blazing sunny summer =)"


Currently watching 'Serendipity', just because I am in the mood. Bye!