b Purely Gibberish: December 2007

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Let me OFF, let me OFF!!

Okay, practically I am BROKE after 2 weeks of holidays and one fine 'boxing day'. Heh.

Everyone is entitled to their own political views. I am getting tired of them all. Can I say, I DON'T CARE (?).

I don't want to go back to Galway- just yet.

Mum, Dad.. I miss you.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Attachments, Gaelic Football and Ger Fla.

Well, I couldn't say much about attachments because I didn't go at all this week, I was TOO LAZY. I miss Dr JT though...

Gaelic football on Wednesday was fun with the capital "F". The other team took the game seriously, with their green jerseys and giant players. Showing off their skills minutes before the game, I was a bit reluctant to join in. Our team was more diverse, with few girls which added to the girl-power effect! During the game I heard Aine was saying to a boy from the other team, " I am a girl! Don't touch me!!" and off she went with the ball undisturbed. Hahaha... being a girl in men-dominated-territory do have some advantages. Honestly, I wasn't really doing anything on the field but because I was the only foreigner in the team, everyone gave too much support and even the opponents didn't do much to take the ball away from my hands. Teehee..I should've run towards the goal with the ball instead of passing it to someone else. Maybe they would consider it as a 'goal' since I don't know how the game works in the first place. Oooohh..bad thoughts.. :p All and all, it was a great experience and I really appreciate all the people who came to give their support. *tears*

Anyway, I was 30 minutes late for the meeting with Ger Fla today and my hands were so cold as I waited outside his office. I was too scared to find out what exactly he thinks of me - well, because of the fact that him being genius and everything. Ayesha found me in such state she pointed that I look like "a cat that is about to give birth". Restless. Well, it turn out fine. He gave evaluation of my performance so far and we talked about the holiday and all. Minutes later, I bid him farewell and wish him happy holiday and stuff. Pfffuuhh..

I was on the phone with Nora and both of us realized that we will not see each other until next year. Awhh..we didn't have a proper farewell. She wants me to send her "Happy Christmas" text in Irish when the time comes..and before I hang up she said something that brought tears to my eyes. "Don't let any boys made you sad, Farah".

Lately almost everyone I knew seems to fall out of love. Hmmm...ohh well.

Happy holiday everyone!

p/s: thanks Amira for all the lovely photos!

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Cos Tonight I Need A Friend

It happened so quick that I was barely breathing...and when it ended tears just rushing down..unstoppable. Gushing down like the heavy rain outside..

I've fallen in love and now I am paying the price; I've lost my best friend in this wild game of hearts.

Wish my heart could be as cold as the weather.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Three more on Monday and then I am off Med school- until the next term that is! Too much too many too tired too bored.


Saturday, December 01, 2007

WHATeverOut of boredom, I drew this today - from scratch. After a while, I began to ponder - to the point of which I became profoundly worried. Do I need one so much? Amira, Belle and I once had this girlish conversation about relationships. Belle said that she pities those who already found the love of their lives but cannot be together and live happily ever after - due to some circumstances. Amira pointed out that it's natural to have this urge to get marry, settle down and have the cutest kids ever. Yes, really.

At twenty-two years of age; and having wrinkles creeping up my face, I sometimes worried about myself "am I going to end up as an old maid?".

Well, who knows the answer to that question right?! I might just rest this issue for a while until the time comes when I feel so insecure and ramble about it - again.

p/s: Happy birthday ESTHER!

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