b Purely Gibberish: October 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mengapa..kau buat ku ketawa...
lalu ku lupa diri
ku terlalu gembira....melihat kau beraksi selamba..


sepantas kilat kau merubah perasaanku
meruntun jiwaku
mengalir air mataku kernamu
setiap saat sentuhan jarimu
setiap detik jelingan manjamu
hatiku menangis...
kerna aku sedar ku takkan bisa

sebab kau dok korea nuuuhhh
oh tae KYUNG!!

**nah lagu utk kamu**

===my heart curses at me because I can't even say I love you===

I still remember years back when korean drama started to invade the country...I couldn't be bothered to even catch a glimpse of what's on the TV. Apa kelas tengok drama Korea??? But there was one person; there would always be this one person in the house..who would be sitting in front of the TV, precisely 10 minutes before the dramas started. That one person who would be laughing out loud/trying to hide the streaming tears, the only person whose passion on such lame shows I thought I'd never understand.

Sometimes I do pity that person because mum would always openly give her opinion as soon as the montage for the drama was on air- "whoever watch such dramas are sadly sentimental person; I'd never watch such shows; etc.". Every once in a while I would give my two cents in that discussion and yeah, it would be something that is totally agreeing with mum's. It later became sort of a rule in my (sad) life - I WOULD NEVER WATCH KOREAN DRAMAS cos they are for sissies. Ohhhh yeah~

That person never said anything against us. A totally quiet and obliging audience who'd always be there 10 minutes before the show. This behaviour was slowly killing me from the inside - I was dying with curiosity and I could not take it anymore...and so I decided that I HAD TO bend the rule for once. Ape best sangat ke drama ni??

One night as that person begin taking the usual place in front of the TV; I sat quietly beside him. He said nothing, eyes fixed on the TV. And then the show was on. I shrugged my shoulder, and wrapped my hands around my knees and was expecting I'd bore myself to sleep in the first 5 minutes. Two minutes later, there was an unusual uproar in the living room and mum came out running - she could not believe her eyes, finding us laughing out loud at some random silly scene - me and Dad as we watch korean drama together. Epic. Mum went on with her sissy jokes, but we totally ignored her. And in the end mum gave up teasing us.

Dad, I should say thank you for introducing these addictive dramas to me - but now your dearly daughter is not only in love with Korean dramas, she is deeply in love with the actors too.

Haihhh...I miss home.

Monday, October 26, 2009

You're Beautiful
Same DOB(!!!!)
...plus they both look similar in certain angle though the Korean version is hunkier, and the other version is getting fatter..(LoL).

I have too much time for self-entertainment. Ok, saye merepek dengan jayanya..

ADOI...still, this is slowly killing my poor heart...

kill kill

die die..

Germany in 54 days~~~~~ (pfuhh pfuhhh..)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've been in a really really foul mood lately. Seen my glass as half empty most of the time, I could not be satisfied/happy with anything. I hate this feelings. I hate it!! Grr grrr..
I'm going to Germany again this winter...finally to visit some locals.

...and due to curiosity and my current melancholic state, I tried listening to the song "Cuba" by Faizal Tahir. Boy, as soon as it begins I started to feel like someone's rummaging through my closet that is neatly stacked with skeletons. Darn!

Gahhhhhhhhhhhh... no emotional breakdown please.

Homesick homesick homesick.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amir Jerung added you as a friend on Facebook. We need to confirm that you know Amir in order for you to be friends on Facebook.
And I'm suppose to JUST smile and accept it? Heh, even the name is a big give away. NO!

Okay, I'm bored. So forgive me if I want to brag a little when someone with a really exciting name actually wants to be friend with me in facebook. Awwhhh...

current song in mind: Miniature Disasters by KT Tunstall



in this long and lonely night, I realized that I'm still holding on my first ever ever ever crush. Sigh... Can I at least cry?

Friday, October 09, 2009


what medicine book? hehehe...