b Purely Gibberish: August 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Heart Him!!

He is so cute, smart and he loves playing peek-a-boo with me. He talks a lot (baby talk) - words of which I never could understand.
He is super-active (note: he never just sits around if he is not up to something). He sleeps beside me every night - waking up so early in the morning and starts to guu-guu-gaa-gaa with me - meaning I have to be up early too!
I simply love this little guy =)

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Feels like kicking up someone's butt tonight. That someone - most likely would be ME. I drank too much coffees and teas and now I am s l e e p l e s s..hey that word reminds me of one particular story...Sleepless in Seattle. What a romantic movie! Teehee..

What if..ahhhhh...nevermind..

I need someone to talk to, definitely!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

SO, What Have I Been Up To?

Me, babysitting in Dublin (like Duhh!). Got my hands full with three boys and most of the time I need my feet too! Thus, accessing the internet is almost imppossible for the first two weeks and I've just started back net-working since last weekend.

Finished reading 'Pride and Prejudice' last week *phewwwww!!* despite daily complaints of not having enough time for myself even to have a proper shower. (read between the lines, I am a dedicated nanny-teehee).

I fell in love-with Nukman, Kak Adib's third son. He seriously looks like Hideaki Takizawa - well, at least I'd say so! I wish I could pack him up in my baggage back to Galway! As it's impossible to do so, I bought a teddy of which I named after him - 'Nukman-A****'. Well, his last name had to be censored due to some technical problems.

Anyway, Adam emailed me on the 27th - an email of which made my heart jumps with glee just by reading the sender's name. He said that it seems just like yesterday I went over to Bournemouth when it's actually had been 7 weeks ago. Se7en weeks?? I've lost count since the second week began. Hehe. At some point when I read his e-mail, I almost wish that he'd secretly put his secret love message between those formal lines. Hahaha! Like I am that DESPERATE?! Nayhhh!

I'll put some pics of the boys as soon as I got back to Galway-of which I don't know when. Gahhhh come on Farah, decide when you want to go HOME! (I desperately don't want to)

Later folks!!