b Purely Gibberish: December 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bosannye takde update dari sape2.

Kalo ade update kat FB pun gamba tunang/kawen/tunang/kawen bertalu-talu.


(ok ni macam ade unsur-unsur cemburu)


Hari ni ade pakcik tanye aku ni dah ade boyfriend Irish ke blom.
Aku cakap takde lah pakcik.
Dier cakap ade boyfriend langsung ke tak ni?
Aku cakap takde lah (nada dah pathetic giler)
Oh takkan lah orang cantik macam kau ni takde boyfriend.
Aku gelak aje sambil cucuk cannula kuat-kuat (aku cantik ke, amik kau!)

Haihh...balik msia orang tanye pasal ni.
Kat hospital kat negara asing pn orang tanye pasal ni.

Kalo orang perempuan yang dah nampak lanjut usia macam aku ni memang takde soalan lain ke nak tanye melainkan pasal boyfriend atau isu kawen? Sensitip nak mampus ok. Jangan tanye lagi boleh tak?

(mula lah nak cakap kasar-kasar ni)

Orang aku minat ialah GAY ok!!

Pastu aku ialah tidak cantik langsung bagaimana harus mendapat boyfriend? Kau nak kapel dengan aku ke?

Aku suka gelak kuat-kuat, pastu muka aku mostly camni. MenTakut kan? Tau takpe


Apepun...cucilah mataku puas2

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Melody Gardot - I am a fool.

dedicated to En. A.

Who was I to know that this was always only just a little game to you?
All the time I thought you gave you heart, I thought that I would do the same for you
Tell the truth I think I should have seen it coming from a mile away,
From the words you say, oh

Baby I'm a fool who thinks it's cool to fall in love

If I gave a thought to fascination I would know it wasn't right to care,
Logic doesn't seem to mind that I am fascinated by a love affair,
Still my heart would benefit from a little tenderness from time to time,
But never mind

'Cause baby I'm a fool who thinks it's cool to fall in love

Maybe I should hold on just a moment, and be sure it's not for vanity,
Look me in the eye and tell me love is never based upon insanity, yeah
Either way my heart is beating hurry up the moment's fleeting,
Kiss me now,
Don't ask me how

'Cause baby I'm a fool who thinks it's cool to fall,
Baby I'm a fool who thinks it's cool to fall,
And I would never tell,
If you became a fool and fell in love

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I hate having these palpitations.
Shouldnt have drank that coffee

....or look at that certain someone.


Lup dub lup dup (140 bpm)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back watching the Sups. Torn between loving Dean too much....and reality.
Convinced that the writers are atheists. They killed God. And they worship Lucifer. Chills.

Feels bored and lonely these days. Still, I think I need zero human interactions. No more conversations about work/exams /love/ friendship. Whatever.

I think my boyfriend is hot in scrubs. Ha!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Yeay! Finally finished the call week! Just me a reg and mr c dog with 30 patients to mind. No SHO.

Well one patient died of bleeding..he was bleeding PR, PU, bleeding from his stoma and nephrostomy tube...poor fella. I ve to ask mr c dog about the post mortem result if he is in a good mood tomorrow.

Haih the APR lady gave the final blow to our crazy week. INR of 2.9 discovered a day prior surgery! But then it does made me discover the powerful effect of vit K.. ;)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

I in the middle of something i am not actually proud at doing. I am stuck here with a bunch of happy people but i cannot be on the same boat. I am too conscious of how wrong all of these are.

Oh god please help me.

I hate this.

I am missing him so much - again. I texted him of same. Now I am feeling stupid because the feeling is not mutual. Never was, never will. Why am I still holding on to memories when he has clearly moved on? Damn it.

He said this is just"a moment of weakness". Hun, you never knew how many of these moments I have had since 4 years ago. Only this time I could not keep it anymore and decided to spill the beans.

Silly. I know.