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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mari Berbuka

Berjaya membuat sate goreng itu dengan jayanye. Sedap. Bleh buat lagi. Hoho. Sebab takde timun, maka improvise dengan salad ngan cherry tomato. Sedap juge.

Sabtu ni plan nk ke Connemara pulak. Si Katha sudah pn menyewa kereta. Tolongla jangan lupe bateri lagi!

Attachments so far:

Semalam jumpe sorang makcik ni...current diagnosis Bulbar Palsy. From someone who's perfectly articulate, she becomes dysphasic. If the cause of her BP is Motor Neuron Disease (MND), then maybe she has only 2-3 years to live.

We just diagnose another person with MND last week and since his disease is more progressive the SPR predicts he has less than 18 months to live.

Seen too many patients with MS too...

Not forgetting those with peripheral neuropathy.

And yeah...the rare limbic encephalopathy +/- temporal lobe epilepsy.

Oh..stiff person syndromes was awesome!

Then we met this uncle who has leg cramps like every 2 minutes! (when I failed to finish the neuro exam, the neuro SPR was like," was it even a true spasm?". Then he looked at me with this expression on his face ---"you're just lazy, haa haa". Whatever. Nasib baik (could I say this to that poor uncle??) the spasms also occurred when the SPR and I went back to see the patient together. The SPR was like, "ohhh this is so wonderful, I don't know whats wrong but this is unbelievable! He really got cramps!". Yes Doctor, I wasn't lying or being lazy when I said he got leg cramps!!!

...and finally one pakcik that receives full TLC (tender loving care) since he's unresponsive - Dx of paraneoplastic syndromes. =(

Ingat buat neuro jumpe stroke patients je. Man..I was so WRONG!

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Mari Belajar Bahasa German

Nowadays I'm so busy hanging out with the German students. At one point, I was thinking - every year (without failing) I've been spending my holidays in Germany..finally I got to know some German people - in Galway. Buat penat aje ulang alik Germany selama ni. LoL.

Anyway, this friday we'll be having a 'cooking night' proposed by my partner in crime dalam team neurology - cik Katharina. Setelah penat mencari resipi - I had decided to make "Satay Goreng". Harap menjadi. Batch percubaan sedang diperap dalam peti ais. Esok harus saye berbuka satay. Weeee~

Oh, and I went to Aran Island again!! (ni dah empat/lima kali kot, I've lost count). It was me and the other 4 German students. Eventhough I've known the place like the back of my hand, I still love Aran Island. The rain shower we had that day was just marvelous; when the rain stops everything looked gorgeously dreamy-like(so hard to describe). One more adventurous moment we had besides cycling uphill sampai cabut kaki was when I became really hypo and nearly collapse. In less than one second, help came in a form of white chocolates. Read between the lines.Thank you Elena!

One thing that made me want to bang my head on the wall was, I brought my camera with me - WITHOUT the battery. *ketuk kepala*

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Been watching Sailormoon on YouTube for the last couple of days. The main issue that Sailor Scouts had to deal with in this particular season would be to find a way to stop the "silence" from approaching i.e. the end of the world.

In one particular scene, I don't know which sailor had said the lines but these are the exact translations;

"Silence is approaching...
Quietly but surely...
Is this world going to dissappear?..."

I was ROFL-ing when I read the 'text comments' section..

jamourvousx wrote:

"Silence is coming. Quietly, but surely..."

Wow. XD

...like, duh. Hehe

and the next person replied:

TowerCraft wrote

obviously they won't say "silence is coming loudly...."

Bwahahahahhaha~ I love watching Sailormoon and read 'text comments' on YouTube

Thursday, August 06, 2009

ape cer?

kapal terbang MAS banjir dua hari lepas. Ade orang menangis tak henti. Hoho