b Purely Gibberish: April 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spent the last three days in bed with acute tonsillitis. Rigoring half of the night with pyrexia up to 40C. Kiddos now I know exactly why you look miserable when you have temperature and tonsillitis. I will not complain if I see you in ED the next time!

Was back at work today after days off work and got a surprise wedding gift from the ward staff before leaving home!!! Awwhhhhh...Love you guys xxx


Encik advised me not to say anything about the last comment. Well, Encik you know I am so stubborn. So here goes...

Dear anonymous, I sincerely apologize for causing so much pain in your heart (as well as your loved ones). I could say a lot of things to try and fix things, to make you (or even myself) feel better. Alas nothing I could say or do can change anything or make you smile and forget this ever happens. All I can say now is I am truly sorry things happen this way, not a single day goes by that I don't pray for your happiness too. Thank you for your good wishes.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I haven't been here for ages. I miss being a pathetic lovefool who wrote about her unrequited love.

Sad and miserable college girl who had no clue about love.

Still don't have much clue to be honest!

But heyyyyyyyy!

I am about to MARRY the person I rambled about! All these years - being miserable clueless girl/woman!

Lucky me! (cold feet and butterflies in my tummy)

Though tides are high sometimes and things are not always sweet and and "happily ever after" as the movies we both enjoy.. deep inside you should know how much I love you.

If Jonathan Travis Trager (thank you Mr A) had a fight with Sara Thomas, who would call in first I wonder?